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Face call Santa clause August 9

Vary awesome

Horrible and stupid

It didnt work for me I tried and tried and tried and it never worked I restarted my phone over and over and over dont get this its stupid and horrible and it will never work

Awesome app

I think this app is going to be great because I want my kids to chat with Santa so I got this app

I hate this app

This app is very creepy,I thought it was going to be a cartoon but it wasnt.I deleted the app and I DO NOT RECOMMEND

Wont work

I tried it, nothing happened I tried and tried nothing do not get this app it is a waste of time

Not santa

Every time you call him he said the same thing over and over again

Ingenious idea

Is is an amazing idea and it could be such a hit!... But it needs to WORK! I tried and tried and tried to have it call me but it wouldnt! I rated it 2 stars because it is such a great idea. If you can get it to work I think it can really be a big hit!


Its the same one call repeated each time. Ok for a 2yr old. Thats about it.


He wont call us even if we do military time.


Its a real human taking to your kids physically on the phone warning do NOT download app for safety

Idk if its real or not

V Santa did call me but I didnt show my face or anything it was creepy I swear!


Ok guys listen this app is a perfect exsample for scary movie 101 never chat with pepole u dont know thats a message from the movie unfreinded do the learning

Not good

Whenever I hit call me at my exact time, it never calls.

I asked and I received

I asked for a dildo and that’s what I got


Just bad and fake!!! No one believes it!!!

Cute idea! Wish the invested more.

I realize kids may not notice... but this Santa looks as fake as the Santa on a Christmas Story 😂 and the background is some dudes living room.. not very North Pole-y But my real complaint is when I exported the video the sound quality was AWFUL. It was way too loud and crackly!! It nearly blew my hair back when I played it. I don’t wanna upload this video to social media now. 😐


Hi there, I just bought the full package and am trying to figure out how to play all the videos. It’s only previewing them? How can I be helped with this?

Marshmellow131 FOR YOU

I have reported you, and YES KIDS SANTA IS REAL! I am 17 and still get presents! Some stupid idiot with a username Marshmellow131 YOU ARE REPORTED! HOW DARE YOU TELL YOUNG CHILDREN THAT A MAGICAL SANTA ISNT REAL YOU FOOL! Sorry, kids. But he IS REAL! I love this app!

Kind of disappointed

This is a great app but I just found out that the call is fake because I sat there and said nothing and he just said terrific and fantastic and all that. But he never said are you still there or can you hear me and stuff. But I mean it’s a great app and it feels so real so yeah.

I love This app

I love this app for my kids they are so cute using it I love it it has brought joy to the family and lit up the family thanks you -Payton McGillicuddy



This app is obviously fake 🙄

What stupid kid would think that’s the real Santa Claus? Besides, who can travel all around the world with only 8 hours to deliver presents to more than 100 trillion kids? It’s impossible. If you just let the kids know that Santa isn’t real, they wouldn’t feel as hurt seeing their parents put presents under a tree. Even though I’m a kid, doesn’t mean I can’t write a review either. If a parents kids saw this, you should be thanking them for not finding it out the hard way like I did. Also in the video call, “his mustache” was falling off. When I did the first video call I didn’t answer anything he said because if people were intelligent enough to do what I did, they would obviously know that some guy was hired to say that and the kids were supposed to talk back to him and think it was him. But so many kids are idiots these days and don’t realize that it’s not possible to carry more than 100 trillion toys all the way across the world to more than 100 trillion kids. So, sorry (not sorry) to burst your bubble kids but Santa Claus isn’t real. That’s why I honestly I wrote this review to tell kids out there that there is no such thing as Santa Claus! Your welcome kids 😁


Absolutely amazing!

A one time use

Now when I say a one time use I mean you can use each of the Santa chats at least once before your child catches on. For those who don’t know this app starts with a default chat and has another chat about being good. You can then buy additional chats for 2 bucks. The thing is your child will play the same thing twice, catch on, and then they start crying. Now my son knows Santa’s fake, this app to blame.

Like bro what did you do

My 4 year old son is in love with this,Santa knows exactly what he is saying and it’s amazing by:TeaComplicated Youtuber Make sure to like my videos on turbo dismount and Rolling sky!!!!!


Santa isn’t even really no idiot would believe this

I hate this app

It’s totally a waste of my time. If your daughter or son or yourself do NOT believe in Santa Claus then this is not the right fit for you. Obviously, it’s just a recording and not real. Thank you for your time. A.K.A not really👋

Now I know

Well now I know what my mom uses for Christmas haha...(I knew Santa wasn’t real:/)

My Kid

My kid had horrible nightmares about you

It’s a scam and fake

Don’t let your kid do this


I tired this and it failed it makes you buy everything this app isn’t real (obviously) but if it makes the little ones happy then it’s a really good app I’ll give this one a 4 star because you need to buy everything .

Kind of good

The only problem is he’s fake so you can call him stoopid fake Santa and just took a call from him I said the right things. I did’n say the words I called him stoopid Because was fake


I think this app is good.The reason I think it is good is because it helps kids imaginations to talk to Santa.


I did it in summer

But Texas and everything in the rain

Texas and some voicemail I have it’s fine just like around a phone call

Best preview ever

I was cracking up

Sketchiest game ever

This is by far the sketchiest game I have ever play. There is probably some perv sitting at computer looking right at you. That is just my opinion. That may not be true but that is what I believe.

Mmmmmm, tasty 👌👌👌

This was a good spaghetti recipe. Oh, wait this for the Santa App, XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Oh, this app was very tasty. My -three year old son ate it, and said, “Mmmmmm, tasty!” So, yeah. This was very good!


I payed 99 cents for Santa to say my child’s name but he did not. Very disappointed.

I believe!

Granddaughter was suitably impressed that Grandma knows Santa personally!! Whoa! Very cool app!!

My kids lost their minds

When my five year old son and three year old daughter saw that Santa wanted to FaceTime, they completely flipped out. They could not believe that Santa was taking the time to call them to make sure he knew what they wanted for Christmas and to wish them a Merry Christmas. This app is fantastic!

My son cried

My 5year old son did not enjoy this game because it played the same video over and over and he started to catch on and cry. This app should have more videos than just one. Make this app better!

Santa video

The pause is a little long, cool how Santa says his name but maybe a little more interaction


Cute just wish there were Santa's of other ethnicities to use.


Muy buena

Great app

This fooled my granddaughter. The timing is spot on.

Well done Santa!

Perfect timing. My 6 year old was in the moment - you got her!

My son loves it but...

I bought his name, and Santa still hasn’t said it.. oh well, my 2 year old doesn’t know the difference

Best app ever

Amazing app for my baby he is so excited.!!


Thats was the best!


Awesome app.

Just a suggestion

Need a option for black santa


This thing is creepy as f

Good app Audio Recording Awful

It recorded the Santa voice too loudly and distorted while my child’s voice is barely audible! It should be reversed, his performance is decent but I wanted my child’s reaction. Little disappointed wanted to have the keepsake, but he loved the experience. YMMV

My child is now shaking out of fear

You need to choose your adds, once the freaking call was over a stupid add popped up with a scary face like from a horror movie, now my child cant stop shaking and he is only 2!!!

Awesome App!

My grandkids loved this. One of the stock recordings repeated itself during a call but other than that, it was right on the mark. The pause and spacing gives the kid enough time to answer but not too long, it’s just right. Very good app. I can recommend!


The trailer was halarious when the kid was like no wait no I’m not done!

Don't waste your money!

Spent $2 on names and $2 on the full version. The app still shuts down, plus the videos don't have audio when played back! 😡


I paid for Santa to say my kids name and he didn’t. Such a waste.


Ads open every time you try to use the app and the recordings have no sound. Worthless in my opinion.

Needs to be better

So my son admitted to be naughty and Santa said “Fantastic” lol really????

So upset

I was so excited to use it. I just downloaded this app. Went straight in to buy my child’s name and the darn “buy” button doesn’t work!!!

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